SW Digi Forum: Wearable Tech

The age of wearable technology is with us and the market is growing; breathing new life and providing fresh insights in to our personal behaviour and performance. With the arrival of smart glasses, smart wristbands, smart watches, smart jewellery and smart clothing/textiles, what are the smart questions we need to be asking to prepare for a future where wearable technology is as mainstream as a smart phone?

• What are the opportunities for businesses beyond sports and health? • What are the building blocks for successful adoption? • What to do with all the data? • What about the privacy issues?

Joss Langford is an independent management consultant helping businesses to combine their brand & technology strategies. He is co-founder of Coelition, a not-for-profit supporting the responsible use of behavioural data by organisations looking to grow brands and drive social change. He is also technical director of Activinsights using wearables to provide behavioural insights to healthcare professionals.

He is co-author of Data to Life presenting a radical new roadmap for collecting and handling behavioural data and he helps run MakeSouthWest for the RSA. Joss will be joining members of the SWDigital Forum to provide insight into the area and opportunities.

SW Digital Forum

This round-table discussion is part of a series of South West Digital Forum events. Devon and Cornwall have a growing number of successful businesses operating in the technology and digital sector, whether e-commerce, software or digital media. The SWDigital Forum provides the opportunity for these businesses to meet, network and discuss key issues arising from the digital sector. Our hope is that this will create a unique identity for digital business in the South West, to compete with London and other more established regions associated with digital business.

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